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Transgenomic provides Specimen Collection Kits with the appropriate specimen collection container, Test Requisition and Patient Consent form, and shipping information.

Test Requisition and Patient Consent form is also available below as a fillable pdf for each type of Specimen Collection Kit. The online form allows you to print a blank form or fill in the form online and then save and/or print.

NOTE: For patients who cannot have blood drawn in the physician's office or laboratory, we offer a Patient Home Draw service. For more information, please call, 1-877-274-9432.

Ordering Specimen Collection Kits

1. Fill out the Order Information Form below.

2. In the Specimen Collection Kits area, locate the kit you want to order and type the number of kits in the kit(s) field.

3. Click the Submit button.

Returning the Kit

To ensure no delays in the turnaround-time when sending in the specimen in the Specimen Collection Kit, please include the following:

  • Test Requistion Form completed entirely
  • Signatures from the doctor and patient/parents
  • Clinical notes
  • Copy of both sides of the patient’s insurance card
  • Labeled specimen

 Order Information Form

*Required informaton

Specimen Collection Kits

(Part Number 443002)

(Part Number 443007)

(Part Number 443030)

(Part Number 443040)

(Part Number 443041)

(Part Number 443011) RECOMMENDED

(Part Number 443017)

(Part Number 443035)

(Part Number 443046)

(Part Number 443045)

As always, we respect your right to privacy. The information that you provide will not be released to any other organization.

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