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Navigator™ Software brings together the control of the WAVE® System with™, a resource for scientists doing research in the area of genetic variation. The site includes entries for thousands of genes, and each entry presents known variations in the context of the genomic sequence for the gene. Navigator Software uses a sophisticated relational database management system to store and run internal procedures to collect results. This along with the object-oriented software design, provides the ability to easily develop additional instrument interfaces and software modules.

Powerful proprietary algorithms are used for the prediction of optimum denaturation conditions for mutation detection based on DNA fragment length, nucleotide sequence and composition, and chromatography conditions. These features provide the user with superior data analysis and reporting capabilities.

Navigator Software works in conjunction with the WAVE System to provide outstanding mutation detection capabilities while ensuring data integrity. Multiple chromatograms from a project can be overlaid with a wild type providing rapid comparison of a large number of samples. Chromatograms can be exported for use with programs such as Microsoft Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® for manuscript preparation or presentations.
Transgenomic's web site,, provides subscribers with seamless access to experimental methods for use in Navigator Software. Researchers may view methods and validation data for detecting peer reviewed (published) variations in specific genes. Sequences and amplicons may be imported from into Navigator Software. Variants and features may be identified and analysis conditions determined.

WAVE® System Data Analysis
Navigator Software includes advanced data analysis capabilities. Data may be retrieved from multiple projects and trays and then compared manually against a known wild type or analyzed using powerful mathematical algorithms. The traces can then be grouped and reports produced.

One of the most useful and timesaving features of Navigator Software is its computer-assisted mutation-calling program. Navigator Software allows you to compare hundreds of samples against each other; the sample traces are first normalized and then mathematically discriminated into clusters using Principle Component Analysis. This program separates wild type and mutant traces with amazing accuracy, eliminating hours of post-analysis data reviewing. Comprehensive reports can be generated, showing both the grouping of samples in a table and also in a three dimensional scattergraph.

Network Solutions
With remote access you can access the database of any WAVE System in the connected network location. This allows you to set-up projects, run them, analyze them, and report your findings all from a remote location which may include your office. (Lab personnel must be available to physically place the selected tray(s) in the autosampler.)

Backward Compatibility
You may view Wavemaker Software data with the included Wavemaker Software desktop version. That data may also be imported into Navigator Software projects.


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